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오상택 교수사진
Sangtaek Oh, Ph.D (오 상택)
Department of Bio and Fermentation Convergence Technology
Kookmin University
Seoul 614-735, Korea
Phone: +82-2-910-6438
FAX: +82-2-910-5249
E-mail: ohsa@kookmin.ac.kr
bullet Education
1995. 03 – 1999. 02 Ph.D. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1993. 03 – 1994. 03 M.S. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
1986. 03 – 1992. 03 B.S. Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
bullet Research Experiences
2011. 03 - present Assistant/Associate professor Kookmin University
2010. 03 - 2011. 02 Visiting Professor College of Pharmacy, Rutgers University
2004. 03 - 2011. 02 Assistant Professor Inje University
2001. 10 - 2003. 03 Principal Investigator Chemgenomic. Inc., Boston, MA
1999. 10 - 2001. 09 Postdoc. Fellow HHMI/UMDNJ
bullet Honors and Awards
  Selected for inclusion in 2011 editions of Marquis Who's Who in the World
  보건복지부 장관 우수연구자 표창 (2007)
bullet Selected Publications

Gwak J, Hwang SG, Park HS, Choi SR, Park SH, Kim H, Ha NC, Bae SJ, Han JK, Kim DE, Cho JW, Oh S. (2012) Small molecule-based disruption of the Axin/β-catenin protein complex regulates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation. Cell Res. 22: 237-247. (IF: 9.417)

Gwak J, Oh J, Cho M, Bae SK, Song IS, Liu KH, Jeong Y, Kim DE, Chung YH, Oh S. (2011) Galangin Suppresses the Proliferation of b-Catenin Response Transcription-Positive Cancer Cells by Promoting Adenomatous Polyposis Coli/Axin/Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3b-Independent b-Catenin Degradation. Mol Pharmacol. 79:1014-22. (IF:4.814)

Gwak J, Jung SJ, Kang DI, Kim EY, Kim DE, Chung YH, Shin JG, Oh S. (2009) Stimulation of protein kinase C suppresses colon cancer cell proliferation by down-regulation of -catenin. J Cell Mol Med. 13, 2171-2180. (IF:5.9)
4. Gwak J, Cho M, Gong SJ, Won J, Kim DE, Kim EY, Lee SS, Kim M, Kim TK, Shin JG, Oh S. (2006) Protein kinase C-mediated β-catenin phosphorylation negatively regulates Wnt/β-catenin pathway. J. Cell Sci. 119, 11231-11237 (IF: 6.9)

Oh, S.*, Belotserkovskaya, R.*, Bondarenko, V., Orphanides, G., Studitsky, V. M., and Reinberg, D. (2003) FACT Facilitates Transcription-Dependent Nucleosome Alteration. Science, 301, 1090-1093 * first co-author (IF: 28.7)
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